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Nutanix Micro-segmentation

Security has always been a great deal. Specially when it comes to the Application layer.

Nutanix AHV microsegmentation helps you focus on protecting your application rather than worrying about the implementation details of the network. This approach differs  from the traditional rules-based firewall, which maintains lists of traffic that is allowed or denied based on IP addresses and ports.

I am pretty sure there will be lot of questions in mind like - Do I need to deploy a new appliance to make Micro-segmentation working? Do I need VM level Agents? To answer all these questions - 

1. There would no changes required for the physical Infra.
2. Flow comes with Native AHV, so you DO NOT have to install anything.
3. You can Group The VM's based on Application Topology(You can group by VLAN's, Subnets)
4. You can Define the policies for Tiers like Web, APP and DB. Policies are applied automatically to all existing and new VM's in the Group. 
5. Rules are pushed for local enforcement on each node.
6. Lastly, you can centrally monitor.

Lets talk about Flow.. Why do you need Flow? Why should I use it?

1. Line Rate Stateful FW on each node.
2. East-West VM to VM Level Granularity.
3. Centralized Policy Management.
4. Ubiquitous Enforcement.
5. App Centric Security Polices.
6. Rich Virtualization and Monitoring.

Lastly, I will come up with more information(in few days) on why Micro-segmentation is required. And also, will come up with some screen-shots on how that can be achieved.