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Issues with Shockwave Flash Plugin with Webclient 6.x

From sometime now, we have been experiencing issues with Shockwave Flash Plugin when we try to load Webclient 6.x.

While logging in to the vSphere Web Client or vCloud Director Web CLient the flash plugin crashes with the following error:

Shockwave Flash has crashed

This is a known issue with Adobe Shockwave Flash version, and affects all versions of the vSphere Web Client. For more information see https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=774862

There had been various work-around to tackle the issue with Flash plugin.

Update 2 : Adobe has published a new Flash update which has resolved the issue. We have successfully verified this and it works fine.

Update 1 : VMware has published KB 2151945 explaining about the issue which includes workarounds for both Firefox and Chrome.