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Path to VCDX - Preparation

Its been quite a while that I am thinking of getting a VCDX(Datacenter Design). Well as you all know, the path to VCDX is not straight forward. You should clear few exams before you even submit the application for VCDX.

Follow are the steps that one needs to complete. Although the steps looks pretty simple, there is a years of studying and practical knowledge involved.

1. Earn a VCP-DCV Certification.
2. Earn VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD.(This will make you a VCIX-DCV)
3. Submit the application for VDCX.
4. If the application is accepted, then you will be invited to defend your design.

So, I am now very serious about preparing for VCDX and I hope this blog will motivate few other folks as well.

Currently I hold VCP-DCV(from 4.0 to 6.5), VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD5.

Since my VCAP-DCD is pretty old, I am preparing for my VCAP-DCD(6.5) Exam now. 

Following are the achievements that I need to unlock as part of Path to VCDX.

1. VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Datacenter Virtualization Design 6.5. - Achievement Unlocked.
2. VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Datacenter Virtualization Deployment 6.5.
3. Build a Design according to guidance VMware VCDX handbook.
4. Submit the papers and pass application review.
5. Defend the design against panelists. 

As and when I unlock each step, I will write a blog post on how I prepared, what all I studied and some tips on exam pattern etc.

The journey is going to take time, so please wait for my posts! 

Update 1 - I have successfully completed my VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Datacenter Virtualization Design 6.5.