NSX-Host Agent Upgarde

  1. Navigate to “Installation” and the associated “Host Preparation” tab. There will be an “Upgrade Available” link for the cluster which we will select.



2. Once you select Upgrades Available the NSX Manager will remove the old VIBs, and push the new ones to all hosts in the cluster at once. The old code is running in memory, so this is a zero downtime action. Once the VIBs are pushed, the cluster will show all hosts with a status of “Not Ready”. The hosts will have to be rebooted into the new code set once the upgrade is complete



3. Now, lets select the host Manually(to ensure all the VM's are correctly vacated) and place them to maintenance Mode.(Please do one by one, or 2 if you have enough resource)


4. Once one or two hosts are in maintenance mode, Navigate to “Installation” and the associated “Host Preparation” tab. Select the Host that is in Maintenance Mode - In the Install Tab, there would be a small icon(Settings), click on in and Select “Resolve” for the host that we manually vacated, which initiates the reboot.



5. Once the host comes up after a reboot, you will see the installation status will show the new NSX version.



6. Once all the hosts are rebooted. You will see the new version in installation on the cluster level and on all the ESXi hosts.