NSX Manager Upgrade

In this document we will cover the process to upgrade NSX 6.1.4 to 6.2.5


  1. Make sure the Update Manager server is functioning Perfectly before you start the Upgrade.

  2. Take a backup of NSX Manager.

  3. Increase the Memory of the NSX Manager to 24 GB and vCPU's to 8 or more.

NSX Manager Upgrade

  1. Take a Backup of Existing NSX Manager.

Login to the NSX Manager, Click on Manage and Select Backup & Restore.



2. Shutdown the NSX Manager from the vCenter and increase the Memory to 24GB and vCPU's to 8. Once the changes are done Power ON the NSX Manager and wait for it to load completely.(May take 10-20 minutes to have a NSX Manager loaded Completely).





The memory and CPU requirements for installing or upgrading NSX Manager have increased. NSX Manager 6.2.x requires at least 16 GB of memory. Before upgrading NSX Manager, raise the NSX Manager virtual appliance’s reserved memory to 16 GB,  raise it to 24 GB. For large scale installations, VMware recommends allocating 8 CPUs for NSX Manager. If any of the following thresholds are crossed, the deployment is considered to be large: 100 hypervisors , 100 NSX Edges or 1,000 global distributed firewall rules.


3. Click on Backup and confirm the option. (Make sure you have a backup point set).


4. Once completed, make sure you see the backup File and move ahead.

5. Now Click on Upgrade under Manage.

6. Now Browse for the NSX 6.2.5 upgrade Bundle and click on Continue.

7. Once you click on Continue, the process will start uploading the upgrade bundle. (It may take close 5-10 minutes to have the upload completed).


8. Once the Upload is completed successfully, You will be asked if you need to enable SSH on NSX manager, select "Yes" and Select option “Yes” or "No" for Customer Experience Improvement Program



9. Now, Click on Upgrade. (This process would take around 5-15 minutes, during this process - the NSX Manager appliance will be rebooted).



10. Once the Upgrade is completed, Login back to NSX Manager, go to Summary and ensure the NSX Manager was upgraded fine.



11. Once you ensure NSX Manager is upgraded fine. Login to the web-client(New session) and click on Networking and Security.



12. Now, Select the NSX manager and ensure you see the right version.