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VCIX-NV Study Notes

VMware VCIX-NV Study guide
   Welcome to my VCIX-NV study guide.   Vmware introduced NSX in  August of 2013.  I must admit when I first heard about it, I didn't get it.  How do you virtualize Networks?  In my mind networks at the time only existed on physical switches and a VLAN was already "virtual".   Right?      

    Well, it took a year or so, but I finially found the time to dive an and see what all the fuss was about.  Once I started digging in, it started to make a little more sense.  Then I was fortunate enough to attend a 2 day NSX boot camp my company provided.   I was hooked from then on.  I went to eBay and found some decent enough hardware to augment my personal lab and the race was on.  In Jan of 2016 I completed the VCP-NV and in August of 2016 I completed the VCIX-NV.  I know 8 months is a long time between certs, but I do work and have a family that does like to see me from time to time.  

The following posts are from my study guide notes that I compiled from various sources and breaking/rebuilding my lab more times then I can remember.  One of these days I will post my lab design and specs.

Objective 1

     Section 1.1.1 - Deploy NSX Manager

     Section 1.1.2 - Prepare hosts and clusters

     Section 1.1.3 - Configure and Deploy NSX controllers

    Section 1.1.4 - Deploying Edge Gateway Devices

    Section 1.1.5 - Deploy a logical router

    Section 1.1.6 - Deploy vShield Endpoints

Objective 2

    Section 2.1 - Create and Manage Vmware NSX virtual networks

    Section 2.1.2 - Deploy services to logical switch

    Section 2.2 - Configure and Manage Layer 2 bridging

    Section 2.3.1 - Configure and Manage Logical Routers

    Section 2.3.2 - Configure Routing protocols

Objective 3

    Section 3.1.1 - Configure and Manage loadbalancing

    Section 3.1.2 Configuring and managing VPN services

    Section 3.3 - Configure and Manage DHCP/DNS/NAT