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Section 1.1.5 - Deploy a logical router

Distributed Logical Routers

The distributed logical router is a kernel based router that runs on every ESXi host in your cluster.  

When you deploy a Logical Router (DLR) you are deploying a controller VM.  The DLR work happens on the ESXi host and is distributed between all the ESX hosts.  Deploying a DLR has the same requirements as an ESG and the process is nearly identical.

The DLR has an intersting side affect of helping to reduce network traffic between VMs in different portgroups or logical switches.  If the VMs are on the same phyiscal ESX host, the routing happens and stays on the Virtual switch.  The packet does not hit the physical layer networking.

The DLR is not as full featured as the Edge Services Gateway.   The ESG can have a max of 9 Interfaces and 1 uplink, the DLR can have as many as 1000 Interfaces and 1 uplink.

The DLR has it's own Firewall, Participate in OSPF, BGP, ISIS and static routing, it can handle DHCP relays and last but not least act as an L2 bridge from a logical switch to a VLAN if your VMs need access to resources in the phyical world VLANs.

Deploying a Distributed Logical Router.

1. Navigate to the NSX Edges.  Click the Green Plus to start the deploy wizard

2. Select Logical Distributed Router.  Give it a Name and host name

3. Provide the user name and password.  Again the SSH access is unchecked by default

4.  Provide the cluster details where the DLR will be deployed

5. Configure an UPLink interface

6. You are required to provide a network for the HA Interface Configuration even if you did not deploy in HA mode.  This is the MGMT interface you will SSH into.

7. Provide the Gateway info.

Summary page.  Click next to deploy