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Section 1.1.6 - Deploy vShield Endpoints

Deploy vShield Endpoints

vShield Endpoints have been upgraded/reanamed to Guest Introspection.  

Guest OS Introspection is used to offload Anti-Malware agent processing to 3rd party VMware partners.  This allows the Anti-Malware software to continously update signatures scanning tools without interupting virtual machines.

Guest OS Intrspection status is displayed in the vCenter server console and more info can be collected from the event logs.

The installation of Data Protection is identical to Guest OS introspection, so I am not going to do a sepearte post for that feature.

Configuring Guest OS Introspection:

You will need to have a Portgoup/VLAN/vxLAN configured to use and an IP Pool.

1. Go to Networking & Security.  Click on the Installation option and select Service Deployments.  Click the Green PLUS

2. Choose Guest Introspection

3. Select the cluster for install.  

4. Select the Datastore and port group.

5. Click change on the IP Assignments.  Choose the IP Pool you created for vShield.

6. Click next to confirm your choices.

7. Click finish and you will have completed the install of Guest OS Introspection.  At this point you would need to follow your Anti-Malware vendors instructions to complete their install.