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Section 1.1.3 - Configure and Deploy NSX controllers

Deploy NSX controllers

Deploy and configure NSX controllers

The NSX controllers establish the control plane for logical switching.  Deploying Controllers requires a method of auto assigning IP addresses.  DHCP and IP Pools are supported.  The easiest method is an IP Pool.  

To deploy NSX Controllers first create an IP pool

1. Click on the NSX Managers tab.  Select the Manager

2. Select the Management tab, Grouping Objects Sub Tab.  Then IP Pools.  Click on the Green PLUS sign to create a new pool.

3. Create a new pool.  Provide the Name, Gataeway Subnet and IP Range.

If you are going to be spanning vxLANs between hosts with different physical networks and IP ranges.  The VLAN/IP Range you assign must be able to get to the remote side.

Click OK and the IP Pool is ready for use.

4.  Go back to the Networking and Security main page and click on Installation.  Click on the Management Tab.  Under the NSX Controller Nodes click the green Plus.  This starts the new controller wizard.

5. Click on the Green "+" to add a controller.  Populate the form you are presented with.  You will select an NSX Manger, a Datacenter, A Cluster (I deploy my controllers to the Edge Cluster) a Network for the Controllers (It should be the same as the manager for the easiest install) and then select your IP Pool you just created.   You will need to set a password for the controller.

6. When you click ok you should see a new NSX controller being deployed.

NSX 6.x supports 1 or 3 controllers.   1 Controller is for a LAB situation ONLY.  3 controllers are required for a production install.   The controllers need to have Anti affinity rules created to ensure they all live on separate hosts in the cluster.

You can only deploy 1 controller at a time, so repeat the process once you have the initial controller deployed.

You now have your contollers deployed and since we have already configured VXLANs and transport zones, you are now ready to create a logical switch for your VMs.

I am trying to follow the VMware Blueprint as closely as possible so the next topic will be NSX Edge Gateway.  I personally think the ESGs and Logical routers are some of the most interesting concepts of NSX.