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Section 2.1 - Create and Manage Vmware NSX virtual networks

Create and Manage Vmware NSX virtual networks

Logical switches are logical broadcast domains or segments (L2 networking) that are used to contain virtual machine traffic.  Similar to a VLAN in the physical world.  This allows for secuity isolation and IP addressing with out fear of IP range overlap.

A logical switch can span multipul compute clusters within a virtual datacenter.  This allows VMs to be moved between clusters without being limited by the Physcial Layer 2 networking.

The networks are mapped to vxLAN segment IDs and encapulated for transport over the Physical L2 network.  We creaetd the vxLAN segment ID pool in the cluster preperation and NSX contoller document earlier.

The steps are simple:

1. To create a logical switch go to Networking & Security -> Logical Switches Click the green PLUS to create a new LS

2. Give the new Logical Switch a name and a transport zone.

Checking the Enable IP discovery  enables the APR suppression technology.

Enable MAC learning for VMs that have more then 1 MAC per vNIC or are Trunking VLANs.  This creates a MAC – VLAN table on the dvswitch

3. Once your logical switch is created you will see a new port group on your DVSwitch.